The Family

Meet the Fun Family

We are the Fun Family and we live in Snohomish Washington where we get to take care of our little slice of paradise.

Fun Family Farm is primarily maintained by Farmer Barry, Farmer Becky and Framer Abby who oversee the garden, the flock, the hive and everything else we have going on!

We also have a whole bunch of guest farmers that help keep our property looking great!

Resident Farmers

Framer Barry

Barry keeps the property operating on a day to day basis, complete the major projects and maps out future plans for Fun Family Farm.

He may not be fast, but he still has knows how to celebrate after a job well done!

Farmer Becky

Becky is in charge of keeping the veggies green, the orchard healthy and making delicious treats and unique creations from our seasonal harvests.

Steer clear of her on the tractor however, she can get a little wild!

Farmer Abby

Abby is the Chief Flockmaster as she works to keep our chickens and ducks happy and healthy. Abby also helps process our daily egg production.

When she is not taking care of the chickens you can find her with her cat Clyde exploring YouTube!

Guest Farmers