The Flock

About the Flock

Currently we have nearly 40 chickens and 4 ducks in the flock which means we produce about THREE DOZEN EGGS A DAY during our peak egg laying season!

Our flock live in a large heated hot pink chicken coop with tons of nesting boxes, roosting poles and hang out spots to keep the whole crew happy and laying all year long. Their outside space is fully enclosed to protect against other animals in the area and is wrapped with shape protection to keep our chickens comfortable no matter the weather.

Abby the Flockmaster

Abby is the primary caretaker of the chickens and ducks on Fun Family Farm. Abby makes it a point to check in on the flock everyday and will spend hours playing with them and making sure they are living their best life.

Top Chicks

Chick 1

Chick 2

Chick 3

Chick 4

The Chicken Crew

The Ducks

We currently have four ducks in our flock. They provide some energy and diversity to our growing chicken population on Fun Family Farm.

Baby Duck

Duck 2

Duck 3

Duck 4