The Property

Property Overview

Our property rests on approximately five acres in Snohomish Washington close to the Monroe Fairgrounds and is a mix of hills, flatlands and a wetland/pond area.

Each area of the property serves a unique purpose from housing our flock of chickens and ducks, our garden space, our orchard and the future home of our goat enclosure.

Currently we operate as a small family hobby farm producing goods for family and friends.

The Garden

We currently utilize a set of 10 raided beds to grow a variety of vegetables from zucchini and squash to corn, beats, beans and everything in between. We are always happy to share our harvest with our friends and neighbors whether they are human or a little more furry.

Fresh Veggies

Fresh Corn

Pumpkin Season


The Hive

We understand the in order to have a thriving property we need to support the entire ecosystem which is why we have introduced a hive of bee's to the property. We are looking to grow the bee population to support the pollination and healthy growth of our crops.

In addition to the environmental benefits the bee's provide we also enjoy the product of their hard work with delicious honey each season.

The Orchard

We have a wide array of fruit trees on the property, however the majority of our current trees are fruit trees. Over the next several season we hope to expand the orchard to include a number of different fruits.

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Pic 2

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The Future Goat Paddock

As our farm continues to develop our hope is to expand our livestock to include goats. We are currently planning to add two or three Nigerian pygmy goats to start and we will see where things go from there.